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Family Law
Our firm can handle all your Family Law needs,

• Complex Divorce Litigation
• Appeals
• Negotiation of Settlement Agreements
• Negotiation of Separation Agreements
• Alimony and Spousal Support
• Equitable Distribution of Assets and Liabilities
• Complex Business and Property Evaluations
• Pension Analysis
• Child Support
• Child Custody and Parenting Time
• Relocation of Children
• Post-Judgment Enforcement and Modification
• Grandparent Rights
• Domestic Violence
• Restraining Orders
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Cohabitation Agreements
• Paternity Proceedings
• Adoption
• Palimony
• Interstate Issues
Bankruptcy Law
Our firm will carefully analyze your financial situation and recommend specific alternatives for debt relief. An experienced attorney will carefully explain the different options to you:

If you are a homeowner or individual with too much debt and not enough income, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be available.

If you are the owner of a distressed business, one of these alternatives may be the right choice.

Chapter 7 business bankruptcy.
Chapter 11 business and personal reorganization bankruptcy.

Debt reorganization and workouts for businesses.

Call our bankruptcy office at
201-397-5407 to schedule your complimentary consultation.
Tax Law
"[T]he power to tax involves the power to destroy." McCulloch v. Maryland, (1819).

Our firm will carefully analyze your tax situation and counsel you about all your options.
Real Estate Law
Our firm will deal/negotiate with the mortgage company as well as the buyer/seller. We'll make sure what you want in a deal is addressed and we may advise you about things you didn't know you needed. We'll walk you through the contract and explain it. Our firm will give you information and options, but allow you to make the key decisions.
Wills & Trusts
In the complicated area of trusts and estates, let our firm engage with fiduciaries and beneficiaries to employ our level of skill, particularly in the realm of post-mortem tax planning, which can help minimize taxes and maximize the amount of wealth passing to family.
Municipal Court
Our firm is experienced in municipal court procedure, and we are available to represent you in any municipality throughout New Jersey. Our familiarity with local judges and prosecutors helps us to provide realistic case evaluations for drivers accused of drunk driving and other traffic offenses. We will fully investigate your case, aggressively represent you, and work with you to find the best possible solution to your problem

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Qualified Legal Help

We are a boutique practice and cater to the needs of our clients on an intimate and personal level.

As a client you can expect to hear directly from an attorney within a few hours of contacting the office. In the event you request a consultation, we will have a discussion with you concerning your particular matter. We will immediately schedule you for a formal consultation and discuss how to effectively represent you in your matter. Initial consultations are always no charge.
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